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Due Diligence, Confidentiality and Exclusivity Agreement

Law4US has a unique single agreement designed to cover due diligence, confidentiality and allow you to deal exclusivity when investigating a project. It will allow you the comfort of exclusive and confidential due diligence when considering the purchase of a property, company or business.

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Due Diligence, Confidentiality and Exclusivity Agreement Template Overview

The Law4US Due Diligence, Confidentiality and Exclusivity Agreement is a special purpose document often used in property transactions.


It gives the potential purchaser the right and security to carry out due diligence on a property with a view to purchase. The agreement can also be easily adapted to apply to the purchase of a company or business.The agreement protects the purchaser's interest and prevents the seller negotiating elsewhere whilst the “due diligence” is being undertaken.

The Due Diligence, Confidentiality and Exclusivity Agreement is a 19 page document that protects the vendor and possible purchaser. It allows for sensitive (business or trade) matters to be discussed without fear that the information will be made public.

Should you require a simple Confidentiality or Non Disclosure (NDA)agreement please see our Confidentiality agreement.

The Law4US Due Diligence, Confidentiality and Exclusivity Agreement has been professionally drafted by Australian lawyers and is written in easy to understand plain English. It is suitable for use in ALL Australian states.The document is immediately available as a Word document. Simply copy to a file and insert the correct information in the highlighted fields.

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