Assignment of Intellectual Property Rights

The Law4US assignment of Intellectual Property rights is used when the owner of the Intellectual property wished to sell (or transfer) the rights to another party for cash or other consideration.

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The Law4US Assignment of Intellectual Property Rights is used when the owner (the assignor) of the Intellectual property wishes to transfer (sell) the intellectual property rights to another party (the assignee) for cash or other consideration.

The Assignment of Intellectual Property Rights, recognises the value of the Intellectual property and gives the assignee (the purchaser) complete and exclusive ownership of the rights. The assignee is free to use the intellectual propertty, subject to any limitations listed in the agreement.

The assignment (sale or transfer) can be made by way of:

  • a one off cash payment
  • an ongoing Royalty stream
  • shares in the company.

The Law4US Assignment of Intellectual Property Rights agreement is an 8 page comprehensive document that covers key provisions such as:

The Parties - Intellectual property involved - Assignment - Consideration - Assignee rights - Warranties - Any further Assurances - Responsibility for Expenses - Applicable Law - And much more.

The Law4US Assignment of Intellectual Property Rights has been professionally drafted by Australian lawyers and is written in easy to understand plain English. It is suitable for use in ALL Australian states and territories.The document is immediately available as a MS Word document. Simply copy to your file and insert the correct information in the appropriate highlighted fields.

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