Commercial Property Lease (NSW)

An essential document detailing the contract terms by which a commercial building is leased in NSW. Commonly used by Commercial landlords or tenants, it is very comprehensive to protect your commercial interest.

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The Law4US Commercial Property Lease agreement (New South Wales) clearly documents the relationship between a Landlord and Tenant for commercial property leasing transactions in New South Wales. All states have slightly different rules and regulations and our agreement is designed for use by Commercial landlords that own a building in New South Wales.

This Commercial lease agreement is suitable for commercial “non liquor licenced” premises; Commercial offices, Warehouses, a Retail shop (single or strip shops, not in a major shopping mall) or an Industrial property. If you are subletting a portion of an already leased premise, please use our Sublease Agreement.

The Law4US Commercial lease agreement is a 32 page document that is intentionally comprehensive to offer you maximum protection and safeguard future rental income.

Some of the provisions covered under the Law4US Commercial Lease agreement:

Parties - Premises - Permitted use - Security deposit - Term - Rent - Optional term - Vacant Possession - Rates and Taxes - Tax Invoices & Receipts - Approvals for Use - Tenants care of the Premises - Insurance - Guarantors Liability - And much more!

Should you require the additional protection of a Director's guarantee, please see our Director's Guarantee document.

The Law4US Commercial Property Lease (NSW) has been professionally drafted by Australian property lawyers. It is written in easy to understand plain English and is suitable for use in New South Wales.The document is immediately available as a Word document. Simply copy to your file and insert the correct information.

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