About law4us

Why use Law4US? 8 excellent reasons! 

Law4US is a quality legal publishing company, not a law firm. It was conceived by like minded individuals whose sole goal was to make the law affordable and accessible to everyone. Instantly online! 

You may ask; how do we do this? The answer is by offering;

  1. Quality Australian legal templates at very affordable prices.
  2. All major Australian documents available. 
  3. All our documents are specifically drafted for us by our Australian lawyers.
  4. Only current Australian documents. No ”out of date” or documents that have been drafted off shore.
  5. All documents written in easy to understand plain English.
  6. Delivered on-line in minutes in simple, fully editable Word format.
  7. No need to build your document on line! Complete it at your leisure in your own time.
  8. Affordable Fixed Price Legal Advice, applying to all our documents, is available online or over the phone.

We offer only the highest quality legal documents available! 

At Law4US we are dedicated to bringing the Law to you! 

The Law4US principle.

Many people have asked us, “What made you think of Law4US ”? The concept came out of an experience of one of our principal’s. 

A few years ago he needed a simple document to overcome a legal issue. However, with the GFC upon all of us, he did not feel comfortable retaining a lawyer. This is a feeling with which we can all relate! He needed another solution.

His (ever thinking) wife suggested rather than going to a lawyer, as he had always done, he look online for a document template. This is something he had never considered before!  From this simple suggestion he solved his legal problem for a fraction of the cost he would have otherwise spent. 

However, during his search he noticed that the online sites were either cumbersome to navigate or possibly offered poor quality documents. He also found that if he required legal advice he had to again phone a lawyer and run the “legal gauntlet”! 

What he needed was a company that offered both quality legal documents that were easy to find AND access to online legal advice at a reasonable price! No surprises, just value for money.

From this experience Law4US was born! 

 Why Law4US will work for you.

Law4US are legal publishers not lawyers. As such, we are happy to share with you some thoughts that law firms know. 

  • Lawyers use the same or similar templates as ours to prepare most legal agreements;
  • Most documents don't need a lawyer to sign off on them.
  • You can easily avoid spending time and money at onerous legal meetings.

Most legal contracts are standard templates with specific alterations and the inclusion of personal details. Previously only Law firms had the templates; 

Now with Law4US, so do you! 

 Fixed Price Legal Advice offered online.

Law4US offers you, for the first time, exclusive access to Fixed Price Legal Advice on all our documents online or over the phone! 

Whilst our documents are easy to understand and complete, we appreciate that there will be times where you may wish the support of legal advice. This maybe to solve a problem, statutory compliance or just for reassurance. 

Law4USrecognised this and has negotiated with a number of well established Law Firms, on behalf of Law4US clients, to provide exclusive legal advice at a Fixed Price on all our documents. 

You’ll find the advice very affordable and your lawyer will call you (or Skype you) at a pre-arranged time. He will fit into your busy schedule. not you into his. 

With Law4US the choice to access the support of affordable legal advice is now yours! 

 The Law4US Guarentee. 

 All Law4US documents are sold with a 100% "money back" guarentee! Should you not be satisfied with any document you purchase, notify us within 24 hours and return the document unedited and we will refund your purchase price in full. No "if's or buts"! 

 At Law4US  "we bring the law to you" with a 100% guarentee!

The Law4us promise
most affordable Affordable quality legal documents. 
 All major legal agreements onlineAll major agreements online, instantly.
 by our Australian lawyersDrafted by our Australian lawyers.
 Easy to understand.Written in easy to understand plain English.
 No need to build Editable Word format. Use repeatedly.
 Fixed Price Legal AdviceExclusive Fixed Price Legal Advice.
 100% money back guarantee!100% money back guarantee!
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