Exclusive Fixed Price Legal Advice!

Law4US offers you, for the first time, exclusive access to Fixed Price Legal Advice either "on-line" or over the phone on ALL our documents. If you tired of high legal fees, multi page invoices detailing; billable hours, phone conferences, photocopying costs etc then the access to Fixed Price Legal Advice will be a “breath of fresh air”.

Law4US are quality legal publishers, not lawyers. However, whilst our documents are very straight forward and easy to use, we realised that there are some situations where the support of legal advice would be beneficial. This maybe to solve a problem, statutory compliance (such as for Family Law agreements) or just for re-assurance.

We also appreciated that many people either didn’t want to pay or cannot afford high legal fees for relatively simple advice on our straight forward documents. Up until now there were only two choices. Pay the high legal fees or “run the gauntlet” and not access legal advice. Neither very palatable.

We support all our documents with Fixed Price Legal advice.

Law4US now offers the support of exclusive access to affordable Fixed Price Legal Advice to all our customers, when purchasing a document. We have negotiated with several well established Australian legal firms to advise you, either on-line or over the phone, on your legal queries relating to any Law4US document.

The Legal advice you receive will come from a registered Australian lawyer who will deal directly with you. He is your own lawyer and will fit into your schedule, not you into his!

Your lawyer will call you in the privacy of your own home or office, at a time that suits you. There will be no unpleasant surprises at the end of your transaction and, most importantly, NO add ons.

How is Fixed Price Legal advice accessed and what does it include?

Should you decide to avail yourself of this exclusive service (only available to Law4US customers) simply contact us through the website and you will be contacted within 24 hours of the purchase of your document.

The Fixed Price Legal Advice offer, exclusive to Law4US customers, allows for:

• An initial phone call to confirm that you would like the legal advice offered and to ascertain the scope of the matter.
• Your matter being a “routine or standard” transaction and, if not, to arrange for a fixed quote from the relevant lawyer.
• Three phone/Skype conversations with your lawyer. Calls are not timed so ask as many questions as you like.
• A full review of your completed document.
• A letter of compliance for all Family Law documents to satisfy the Act.

Please be aware that all Fixed Prices quoted are based on “standard or routine” transactions. Should there be complexities (outside the standard parameters) your lawyer will reserve the right to requote the matter. It will then be your choice whether to proceed or not.

With Law4US there will be no unpleasant surprises!

If you decide to request information on the exclusive offer of Fixed Price Legal Advice and wish your lawyer to make contact, you give us permission to forward your purchase and contact details to the relevant lawyer. This information will only be used by your lawyer to be familiar with the document purchased and for them to contact you.

With Law4US legal support has never been so affordable! 

The Law4us promise
most affordable Affordable quality legal documents. 
 All major legal agreements onlineAll major agreements online, instantly.
 by our Australian lawyersDrafted by our Australian lawyers.
 Easy to understand.Written in easy to understand plain English.
 No need to build Editable Word format. Use repeatedly.
 Fixed Price Legal AdviceExclusive Fixed Price Legal Advice.
 100% money back guarantee!100% money back guarantee!
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