Prenuptial Agreement (prior to marriage)

We make it easy for couples to define their individual interests prior to marrying. Law4US can provide a comprehensive agreement and access to legal advice with full certification for both partners.

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$125 tax incl.

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The Law4US Prenuptial Agreement is designed for couples who wish to define their individual interests prior to marrying, in the unfortunate event that their marriage doesn't last.

The Law4US Prenuptial Agreement (90B) complies with the Family Law Act, 1975 and is suitable for use in Australian states and territories with the exception of WA.. The agreement will clearly detail assets brought into a marriage by each partner and define a predetermined outcome, should the marriage not "stand the test of time". It can take into account many additional variables such as; the longevity of the marriage, children brought into the marriage and children concieived as a result of the marriage. 

The agreement can also be useful in establishing each partner’s wishes in the event of the death of either partner. Accordingly, Law4US has a Will template available should you require it. 

For those planning on not entering into marriage, you can still go through a similar process and enter into a Binding Financial Agreement with your partner. Law4US has either a Cohabitation agreement or a De Facto agreement (whichever is appropriate) that will suit this purpose. 

A point to consider. 

Some consider it inadvisable to enter into a Prenuptial Agreement within two weeks of your wedding. Should you be within this two week time period, you may wish to consider the Law4US Postnuptial Binding Financial Agreement after the wedding. 

IMPORTANT! A Legal compliance certificate is required by each partner. 

Under the Family Law Act 1975, section 90B, for the agreement to have legal standing each partner needs to have received legal advice on their rights and to insure that the agreement complies with the act. This advice must be documented through a Certificate of compliance, issued by a lawyer. 

 Law4US offers access to Fixed Price Legal Advice to meet this requirement.

The Fixed Price for legal advice on the Law4US Prenuptial agreement is only $1290 (+gst) per partner.

Exclusive legal advice

Law4US, on behalf of its customers, has negotiated exclusive Fixed Price Legal Advice available on all its documents. The cost of the advice is unparalleled and represents outstanding value. All advice is rendered by a registered Australian lawyer and a standard client/lawyer relationship applies.

Please refer to Fixed Price Legal Advice in the main menu for all information relating to this service. Should you wish to avail yourself of this exclusive service, please send a contact request through the website or call us and we will contact you within 24 hours.