Share (or Company) Sale Agreement

The Law4US Share Sale agreement is used when selling shares in a company or selling the company complete. The agreement is comprehensive and will cover all issues and the terms of the sale.

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The Law4US Share Sale Agreement is designed be used when selling shares in a formed company, or when selling a company in total. Whether selling the individual shares, or the company in total, to another shareholder or 3rd party the Law4US Share sale agreement is applicable. 

The Law4US Share Sale Agreement is a detailed 12 page document and covers all considerations involved with the sale of the shares, such as; 

The process to be followed should a shareholder or their estate wish to sell shares - Incoming shareholder responsibilities - Dividend policy -The purchasing and selling entities - The price to be paid and any terms - Included plant and equipment - Employee entitlements - Confidential information - Stamp duty responsibility - And much more!

 The Law4US Share Sale Agreement also covers all important areas of responsibility each shareholder has to the other shareholders. The Law4US Share Sale Agreement Template has been professionally drafted by Australian lawyers and is written in easy to understand plain English. It is suitable for use in ALL Australian states and territories. The document is immediately available as a MS Word document. Simply copy to your file and insert the correct information in the appropriate highlighted fields.

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