Subcontractors Agreement

The Law4US Subcontractor's Agreement is used when the primary contractor (usually yourself) wants to use a another party (the subcontractor) for a specific portion of a job or contract.

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A Subcontractors Agreement is used by a primary contractor who wishes to let a specific portion of the work or contract to an other party (the subcontractor). The agreement is commonly used within the building, construction and service industries but is suitable for any subcontracting situation. It clearly details the rights and obligations of the parties involved.

The Law4US Subcontractors agreement is a comprehensive 9 page document that covers standard conditions such as:

The Parties - Agreement Term - Subcontractor’s Obligations - Service Standards - Equipment - Subcontractor’s Fee And GST - Expenses - Insurance and Superannuation - Intellectual property - Confidentiality - Termination Of Agreement - Continuing Obligations - And much more!

The Law4US Subcontractors Agreement has been professionally drafted by Australian lawyers and is written in easy to understand plain English. It is suitable for use in ALL Australian states and territories. The document is immediately available as a Word document. Simply copy to your file, insert the correct information in the appropriate highlighted fields and print the document.

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